Barlow Lens Teleskop Bintang SVBony 2X 1.25″ Multi Coated Green M42

Rp 375.300,00



The value must have 2x barlow lens doubles the magnification of any 1.25 inch eyepiece;double the capacity of an existing set eyepieces at the cost of a single eyepiece
SVBONY barlow lens provide a high power magnification allow you look more closely and more detailed at the moon’s surface and other planet
2 element one group broadband green film multi coated optical glass;the housing is blackened to maximize image contrast;both that gets high quality observation without additional chromatic aberration;make image more crisp and sharp
Quality aluminum stock and black anodized body with M42x0.75mm thread;work as a t adapter;connect DSLR or SLR camera to telescope easily via a separate sale t ring adapter
Connect DSLR SLR camera to telescope easily;the T ring adapter you buy separately depending on the model of camera

2x magnification with 1.25″ interface:

Doubles the magnification of any 1.25” eyepiece

Interface with M42x0.75 thread:

With T/T2(M42x0.75mm) male thread for T/T2 connectors

Quality aluminum stock and black anodized body:

Precision machined;sturdy for a long term use

2 element one group optical glass:

High quality observation without introducing additional chromatic aberration

Multilayer HD broadband green film optical glass lens:

Chromatic corrected;high transmittance to achive clear;sharp views

Safety undercut and brass compression ring:

The eyepiece barrels will not be marred by the captive set screw

Barlow Lens Application
using this 2x Barlow Lens to bring the planets so close that I can see so much although its very far viewed Jupiter using this 2x Barlow Lens and was also amazed with so much details to see the bands on Jupiter and seeing 4 of Jupiter’s Moon. I could actually see Jupiters bands and Saturn’s rings very clear. Also the moon’s surface looks much more detailed

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